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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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1. Increase timing function, APP control
2. Add gyroscope balance correction.
3. The original "bow" shape is set, but now it is controlled by ic gyroscope to simulate true navigation.
4. The original fixed-point cleaning was just the in-situ cleaning at the center point, but now it is a mosquito-repellent incense route with the center point expanding outward.
5. The function of mopping the floor is added.
6. The original charging is boost power charging, but now it is ic scheme charging, with overcharge and overdischarge short circuit protection, which makes charging safer
7. noise is lower than the original.
8. add edge cleaning, timing and other functions.
9. In the upgraded version, the permeable water tank is added to mop the floor.

Height: 5cm
Water tank: 150ml
Dust box capacity: 600ml
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Suction power: 2800Pa
Charging protection: yes

Switch: Button
Obstacle crossing height: 2cm
Timing function: yes
Control: APP control

Water tank usage methods and precautions:
I. Methods of Use
1. Wet with special mop for water tank and stick it on the bottom of water tank.
2. Fill the water tank with water, cover it and dry the water drops outside the water tank.
3. the machine is suspended or closed, the machine is flattened in turn, the water tank connecting column is aligned with the two screw holes at the tail of the machine, and the machine is reversed after pressing.
4. Press the "m" key of the remote control 6 times in turn, and the machine "beeps" 6 times to switch the "floor dragging mode" (other modes are not suitable for using water tank, please do not use it illegally.)
5. water tank removal: after the machine is suspended, press both sides of the tank with both thumbs, point to the bottom of the top machine with double food, and remove the vertical water tank. Do not pull out with one hand to avoid damage to the water tank.
2, Precautions
1. Please clean the water tank mop in time. If there are foreign objects at the bottom, please clean them in time to avoid affecting the use.
Please don't knock the water tank or damage the plastic products.

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