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2.4G Wireless Gamepad For Xbox One

2.4G Wireless Gamepad For Xbox One

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Wireless Controller For Microsoft Xbox One

This game controller has superior automatic connection and 2 vibration motors, has a better stability, high-precision 360° Rockers.provide stability and basically zero game delay.

Item Description

2.4 GHz Wireless Controller

This game controller has no Bluetooth function, using mature 2.4G wireless transmission technology! exclusive frequency hopping technology, powerful anti-interference ability, stable connection signal, and free control. Wireless transmission technology ,Superior automatic connection. The use of high-performance chips, the gamepad in the game has a better stability, Support for Xbox one/Xbox One X S/PC/for PS3, etc.

Vibration Function

We have designed 2 vibration motors for this gamepad, so that you can experience the joy of the game better! Strong vibration feedback for a personalized gaming experience, Let the player feels like they are on the battlefield.

Support for PC Win7/8/10

This gamepad also support PC compatible for WINDOWS XP, for WIN7, for WIN8 and for WIN10 operating system.

Powering Saving

This game console uses high-performance second-generation physical technology, high-performance 600mAh lithium battery, you only need to charge the handle for 2 hours, you can play 5 hours at full power! When you are having fun, you won’t lose your enthusiasm and helplessness because the handle has no power!

High Quality Design

The gamepad is designed with 3D rocker, 360° high precision .Comfortable cross key design for more flexible and accurate steering!Ergonomic grip, Non-slip texture, matte feel, long-term grip is not tired.This controller-style joy pad provides the ultimate control for your favorite games.Positioning, sensitivity and accuracy are high.

High Sensitive Button

All controllers has passed the strict repeat keystrokes test, ensure the good performance of the buttons , provide stability and basically zero game delay. High quality pressure sensitive D-Pad, 360° without dead zone joystick, high sensibility and accuracy action button, give you the fastest gaming experience.

Stable Long Range Connection

Mature wireless 2.4GHz technology ensures a stable connection without any delay, and offers a range up to 8 meters (26.3 feet), making it possible to enjoy playing from the far side of the room.

Package list

1 X Wireless Game Controller
1 X 2.4 GHz receiver
1 X USB cable
2 X Thumbstick Caps
1 X Manual


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