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Horizontal Cooling Fan for PlayStation 5

Horizontal Cooling Fan for PlayStation 5

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Upgrade your PS5 with our Horizontal Cooling Fan and never worry about overheating during intense gaming sessions again! With enhanced cooling performance and two fan settings to choose from, your console will stay cool and perform at its best. The USB3.0 Passthrough Port also allows for easy charging and connecting of devices. Enjoy a quieter gaming experience with our noise reduction design and stylish blue LED lights. Easy and secure installation guaranteed.

Enhanced Cooling Performance:

  • Upgrade your PS5 cooling with this fan to efficiently push hot air out, ensuring optimal performance for both Disc and Digital Editions.
  • Two fan settings (Low and High) provide flexibility.
  • Auto-on and auto-off with the console, even in rest mode.

USB3.0 Passthrough Port:

  • Utilizes the console's USB3.0 port, eliminating the need for an extra power supply.
  • Additional USB 3.0 port for charging controllers or connecting more devices like keyboards, phones, and tablets.

Quiet Gaming Experience:

  • Blue LED lights indicate fan operation, adding a stylish touch to your console.
  • Noise reduction design at 28.8dB(A) ensures a quieter gaming experience.

Secure and Easy Installation:

  • Unique elastic lock securely fastens the cooler fan in both vertical and horizontal orientations.
  • Ensure some space behind the console for optimal circulation.

Convenient Buckle and Plug-and-Play:

  • Buckle the console anti-theft hole with the elastic lock for added security.
  • Plug the USB into the console, power on, and adjust fan speed based on game type and duration.
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