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Xbox series x Skin Sticker

Xbox series x Skin Sticker

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 This variant is compatible with the Xbox series X version.

1XSX console stickers(for 4 sides) + 2XSX controller skins.

Made of high-grade polyvinyl chloride. Perfectly protect your console from scratches and dust without affecting heat dissipation.

4K resolution laser printing, sharpness surpasses other 1080P resolution printing on the market. Coupled with an anti-oxidation coating to ensure that the color will never fade. 

Installation takes just 10 minutes, even if you paste them crooked, you can re-paste them until you are satisfied.If You Choose To Remove Skin Just Slowly Peel From The Edge Until Completely Off Leaving No Residue.


step 1:Wash your hands and clean your controller.
step 2:Remove the button parts from the skins.(You can use your fingernail or something else instead)
step 3:Paste to your controller button and your console be careful. And then use a hair dryer to slight warming it, And use a hard card to squeeze it . Wait aout 3 hours before you use it, should be better. You can repeat the operation manyl times,If the viscosity decreases, use a hair dryer to soften, It can restore.


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