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PS5 Vinyl Sticker + 2 Controller Skin Stickers

PS5 Vinyl Sticker + 2 Controller Skin Stickers

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High quality vinyl sticker for PS5 disk Console and Controller
Prevent scratch and dust, make your for PS5 digital
Console and Controller new and different.
Easy to install, can be installed in minutes.
100% removable, leaves no stick residu or damage when removed.
Instruction Manuals:
step 1:Wash your hands and clean your controller
step 2:Remove the button parts from the skins.(You can use your fingernail or something else instead)
step 3:Paste to your controller button and your console be careful. And then use a hair dryer to slight warming it, And use a hard card to squeeze it . Wait aout 3 hours before you use it, should be better.
You can repeat the operation manyl times,If the viscosity decreases,
use a hair dryer to soften, It can restor
Package Including:
A set of stickers

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